Cupro/Tencel bark crepe deep green

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Der bark crepe ist ein sehr edler und hochwertiger Tencel mit einem Cupro Anteil von 60% . Der Stoff hat einen leichten seidigen Glanz und leicht erhabenen Muster, einen wunderschönen Fall und ist perfekt geeignet für Blusen und Kleider! Royal ist ein sehr strahlendes dunkles blau.

60 % Cupro, 40 % Tencel, 

150 cm Stoffbreite,

130 gr/m2.

2-5% Einlauf, 30 Grad Wäsche.

Cupro is a regenerated fiber made from cotton linter (the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it’s been ginned). Cotton linter is normally a waste product from the cotton production because it can't be used in the fiber production.

Cupro that is branded by Japanese Asahi Kasei is known as Bemberg. Asahi Kasei uses its proprietary technologies to refine and dissolve the linter that is not normally used as fiber, transforming it into pure regenerated fiber - a raw material that is pre-cosumer waste.

Although Cupro is derived from cotton, it is very fine, and does not have the non-uniformity of thickness found with natural fibers.

Cupro is anti-static, breathable, has great color retention and it's gentle on skin.

It has a very smooth surface and a low coefficient of friction, making it slide smoothly for a light, comfortable fit.

Cupro has a unique 'peach-skin' finish, and it often has the look and feel of a silk.

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